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Frequently Asked Questions About Painting Your Home

Have questions about painting your home or the services we provide? Sunshine Painting is your professional resource for commonly asked questions and answers about house painting, so browse our painter FAQs below to find the information you need.

What type of interior paint won't turn yellow after a while?

True color is highly important when you are choosing an interior paint. Oil-based enamel paint usually turns yellow or amber over time, making the original paint color look dingy and just plain wrong.

Some paints also use vegetable oils in order to lower the VOC content, which quickly makes the color turn yellow. Water-based acrylic paint with no clear enamel applied over it is the best option for interior painting.

How long do I have to wait to walk on the epoxy floor coating in my garage?

It is best to wait at least 48 hours to walk on epoxy floor coatings if you don't want to damage the finish. For the best results after application, allow the epoxy coating to cure for a full 7 days before moving your vehicle, lawn equipment, or boxes back into the garage.

What brand of paint would you recommend for painting my home?

Our painting company recommends you choose a high-quality paint product, including the primer. The better paints won't yellow, fade, or give off harmful VOCs. We use three major brands and have been very happy with them; Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Richards Paint.

What is roof painting all about and why would anyone want that?

There are roof coatings that are used on commercial flat roofed buildings that are similar but different from pitched roof painting products used on homes. Roof painting is all about applying a waterproof coating to protect the roof, not about insulating the home or lowering energy bills. Roof painting can vastly extend the lifetime of your current roofing system, and that's why people want to get it done. Only choose a painting contractor who uses the high-quality roof coatings because cheap is cheap and they don't last.

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