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How To find A Reliable House Painter

Finding a reliable Manatee painter

There are many things you should ask a house painter before you decide to accept their work proposal. First, you'll be calling around to get quotes, so use this as a good time to ask plenty of questions. It will make things easier later if you can weed out those that don't offer you the type of service you need.

Here are a few important things to ask and to consider when looking for a reliable house painter.

Ask For Certificate Of Insurance For:

Workers Comp – The painting company needs to insure all their house painters under worker's compensation or else you could be held liable for any accidents that happen on your property. Ask for a copy of the certificate of insurance for worker's comp.

Liability Insurance – The painting company also needs to hold valid liability insurance. If they are bonded and you have a problem with something they damage at your home, the insurance will cover the expense.

Ask For References

There are many ways to check references but what you don't want to do is strictly rely on the painting company's online reviews.

As you are calling around for interior painting estimates, ask the contractor if they can provide a couple of real references that you can call. Don't sign a contract or accept an estimate until you've done some research on the type of work they do.

Ask About A Guarantee

You want to be completely satisfied with the end results, so ask the house painter if they guarantee your satisfaction. If they stand behind their work, you won't have trouble with a painting contractor who isn't willing to fix problems. Be sure to read all the details before you sign their house painting contract.

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