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Inspiration for Your Osprey Home's Exterior Painting

Inspiration for Your Exterior Painting

Homeownership often includes maintaining your Osprey home's exterior, so scheduling exterior painting services with a painting company may be on your to-do list. Whether you want to refresh your home's appearance or give your house a paint touch-up before putting it on the market, a professional painter can transform the look of your house for the better.

Color Selection Ideas for Your Home's Exterior

  • Vibrant Colors – Homeowners are tempted to play it safe when it comes to their exterior painting color selection, and they often choose colors that are reminiscent of nature, such as brown, green, and rust. However, if want your home to stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, consider turning away from earthy tones and opting for bold colors such as mustard, burgundy, and eggplant instead. If these vibrant hues intimidate you, then you can have your painting company apply them with subtle neutrals, such as beige, tan, black, or white.
  • Contrasting Hues – Update the look of your home by pairing colors in contrasting hues, such as a neutral shade and a small dose of color. This technique allows you to incorporate color without going overboard. Consider hiring a painting company to apply color combinations like red and white or teal and gray.
  • Monochromatic Shades – Few things are more classic and sophisticated than a monochromatic color scheme. Combine shades of gray like charcoal, cement, and taupe if you enjoy cool neutrals, or select hues of orange like rust, amber, and peach if you prefer warm tones. By incorporating similar colors of varying intensities, you may be preventing the need for another exterior painting job in the near future as a result of your dissatisfaction for the mundane color that you selected initially.

If your Osprey home's exterior is visually displeasing because of blistering and peeling paint, consider reaching out to an experienced painting company like Sunshine Painting to schedule your next exterior painting project.

If you are looking for an exterior painter in Osprey, please call 941-888-3101 or complete our online request form