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Paint Color Ideas For The Cabinets In Your Venice Home

Paint Color Ideas For The Cabinets

Cabinet painting performed by an experienced painting company is an affordable yet impactful home improvement that will improve your Venice home's interior considerably. A fresh coat of paint on your cabinets can be applied whether your budget is big or small, and once you select a paint color, you can leave the application to the professionals.

Consider These Paint Colors for Your Cabinets

  • Soft Gray – Play it safe by having your painting company paint your kitchen cabinets a subtle gray. This light shade is minimal yet modern, and it complements silver hardware. If you want to make a statement, add bright orange décor, furnishings, and appliances to contrast with the gray cabinets.
  • Mellow Yellow – Opt for a warm buttery yellow on your kitchen cabinets for a cheery, carefree atmosphere. This color can give your kitchen a vintage, cottage, or modern appearance depending on the hardware and furnishings you combine with it.
  • Deep Navy – If you're drawn to nautical, coastal landscapes, consider painting your kitchen cabinets a deep navy. This shade acts as a dark neutral, but it still injects some color into your cooking and dining area. For a stark contrast, pair the navy cabinets with white or light gray walls, countertops, or furnishings.
  • Celery Green – Hire a painting company to apply a coat of light green paint to your cabinets if you want to brighten up your kitchen. A crisp pale green is the perfect backdrop for indoor plants and wood accents. Your household will certainly be in good spirits when your family spends time in your green-tinted kitchen.

Schedule Cabinet Painting Services With Our Skilled Painters

If the kitchen cabinets in your Venice home are worn out or outdated, take the time to contact a trusted painting company like Sunshine Painting, LLC to schedule cabinet painting services. Our painting experts can help you decide which paint color will look best on your cabinets if you require assistance with the color selection.

If you are looking for a cabinet painting company serving Manatee & Sarasota counties, please call 941-888-3101 or complete our online request form