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Winter Painting Tips For Bradenton Homeowners

Winter Painting Tips

Homeowners often ask us if it’s okay to paint their house during the winter. While exterior painting can be difficult to accomplish during the winter, interior painting can almost always be done in the Bradenton, FL area. Interior painting usually works out just fine since our warmer weather permits us to do activities that other families in the northern states can’t.

However, there are a few things to know about winter painting, even if you live in the Sunshine State. Learn what you need to know with the following tips about humidity, paint types, and the other suggestions below.

Benefits of Winter Painting

If you live in climate like Bradenton, you might be surprised that painting during the winter can be a better choice for you and your family than waiting for the warmer days of summer.

  • Off-season painting usually costs less – You're likely to get lower estimates for winter painting than any other time of the year since many painters are no longer booked up and looking for work.
  • More time and staff – Your house painter will probably be able to allocate more time or people to complete your project rather than being crunched for time or crew members during a busy season.
  • Same great results – When you hire an experienced house painter during the winter, you'll get the same quality results as you would at any other time of year. Skilled painters know what type of paint to use during cold weather and will make sure they leave you with the quality results you expect.

The Best Time For Winter Painting

The best time for winter painting is anytime the weather permits, and that will depend on where you live and what type of climate is involved. The outdoor temperature and humidity level will make a difference in how well the project turns out.

As a Bradenton painting company, we recommend using a cold-weather paint for winter painting that’s rated for 35° F and to make sure the humidity level is at 70% or below. However, if the weather is warmer, standard acrylic paint will work just fine.

Make sure that additional rain isn't in the forecast and be sure to make plans to wait until another day if the weather changes.

Always Use Quality Exterior Paints & Products

Paint is waterproof protection for your home, and the better brands also protect against UV rays drying. We recommend always to use the highest quality exterior paint and products you can find. Only use fast-drying acrylic latex when the weather is cold and humid. Oil-based paint will stay sticky for too long.

It’s well worth the small upfront investment to avoid the time, trouble, and cost of repainting your entire house by using the right paint. Climates like ours in the Bradenton, FL area can be destructive to the different exterior materials.

Get Professional Help When You Need It

Painting an entire house is a tremendous job that many cannot accomplish themselves. Even if you’ve partially completed a project, it's never too late to get the professional help you need to complete the work.

For residential house painting in the Bradenton, FL, area, don’t hesitate to contact Sunshine Painting for a competitive estimate. Our professionals are available at all times to help you improve your home and make it look amazing!

If you are looking for a painting contractor in Manatee & Sarasota counties, please call 941-888-3101 or complete our online request form